MARS 500

Technological solutions in the field of control of heavy machines without human intervention.

Multifunctional automated robotic system MARS 500

The MARS 500 is the lightest (700 kg) machine in the MARS line and has small
dimensions (1100X2000X1400).


The MARS 500 platform, like the other MARS series machines, is equipped with basic remote control within line-of-sight, but it can quickly be upgraded to remote control via 5G and even partially or fully autonomous operation.

Multifunctional robotic platform for agriculture and utilities "Mars 500"

MARS 500 is a universal assistant that is capable to perform many production functions with maximum efficiency.

The MARS 500 can be easily applied in maintenance, cleaning and landscaping, transporting of goods and vehicles’ towing, work in agricultural enterprises and farms, comprehensive maintenance of production plants, maintenance of power generation stations, repair of roads, security and perimeter control, in construction works and many other areas.

The MARS 500 is a multi-functional platform compatible with numerous developed and planned attachments. The developed attachments with a description of their functionality you can found in the “Equipment” section.

The MARS 500 is fully electric, making it very easy to use and environmentally friendly. However, if necessary, the machine can have its own fuel generator and be a hybrid-powered. Hybrid-powered version can be used in regions without electricity.

The small size and weight of the MARS 500 allow using it where standard equipment cannot be used. At the same time, the efficiency of performing tasks remains at a high level, both in limited spaces and in standard conditions. The MARS 500 can be used both outdoors at temperatures from -20 to +60, as well as indoors.

The MARS 500 is equipped with two LFP battery packs, each with a capacity of 2500 Wh. The total capacity of 5000 Wh allows the machine to run efficiently for up to three hours. But even if this seems insufficient to you, the MARS 500 can be easily equipped with additional packs up to a total capacity of 15000 Wh. The machine has six battery slots. This approach allows you to accurately determine the convenient mode of operation and equip the machine with only the necessary battery capacity to save money.

It also allows you to charge the machine not only by connecting it to the charging station, but also by removing and charging the battery packs separately. The weight of one block is 25 kg.

The MARS 500 is also equipped with a passive safety and collision avoidance system, remote course and side cameras and sensors, front and rear adjustable manipulators, attachments, lighting elements and an on-board data reception / transmission and processing center. 

Jun 2019-November 2020

Conceptual schemes and documentation developed

November 2020-May 2021

Development of a ready-to-manufacture sample

May-July 2021

Testing and refinement of the prototype

July-December 2021
Preparation for production and certification

Preparation and start of production processes

January 2022
Production and start of sales

Start of production and start of sales of robotic platforms

Mars 500 - autonomous electric platform