Solar Panel Cleaning Platform

Development based on a robotic platform “Mars 500”



for maintenance of solar panels of power generation stations
and other economic needs


The MARSME SP service module is an attachable equipment for wet brush cleaning of panels with the possibility of using cleaning agents with subsequent high pressure flushing. It is independent of water supply and transports its own stock of water weighing 1.5 tons.

Solar Panel Cleaning Platform
Solar Panel Cleaning Platform

The complex includes:

MARS 500 is a transporter machine with a function of control of service equipment and power supply.

Dimensions (L*W*H), мм. – 2500*2000*1500

Empty weight, kg – 900

Total power of electric motors, kW – 6 rated (12 peak)

Battery – segment, removable LiFePo4 15kWh (6*2,5kWh)


Operating mode: 

  • without replaceable batteries – 5 hours of operation/1.5 hours of charging (380V32A)
  • with replaceable batteries – 5 hours of operation/10 minutes change of batteries
  • Turning radius with MARSME SP equipment, м. – 6
  • Transport speed, km/h – 15 (software limitation)
  • Operationg speed, km/h – 2 (software limitation)
  • Control: Radio control within line of sight
  • 5G remote control
  • Semi-autonomous functioning module (perspective, in 1 year)
  • module of autonomous operation (perspective, in 2 years)
  • Chassis – Independent. Wheels or tracks with easy replacement.
The MARSME SP service module

Dimensions without brush system (L*W*H), mm. – 3500*2500*1800

Dimensions of brush systems: main rack (L*W), mm. – 3100*500

functional (L*W), mm. – 6500*400  

in transport position (L*W), mm. – 4000*500/400

Main tank for water, tons – 5

Service tank for reagents, liters – 40

Total own weight, tons – 6


The MARSME SP MARS 500 complex allows pre-irrigation with or without cleaning agents, then the prepared surface is processed with a special brush  and washed off under high pressure.


The speed of the production process is 2000 meters linear per hour.
Water consumption – 5 liters per meter linear.
Adjustment of panel height – 2-6 meters.


MARS 500 can also carry out maintenance work on technological passages and territory (mowing vegetation, cleaning), carry out cargo transport functions.


Modification of MARSME SP W attachable equipment provides maintenance of panels in winter in regions with snow fall. MARSME SP W performs processing of panels with special formulations. Carries out cleaning of panels from snow, cleaning of technological passages and other areas.


Estimated equipment prices


EquipmentPrice without VAT, USD 
MARS 500 RADIO CONTR12 500Head equipment
MARSME SP12 500Complex cleaning of panels
MARSME SP W8 330Winter cleaning of panels and technological roads
MARSME VACUUM 6 000Road vacuum cleaner
MARSME ROAD C2 000Road sweeping brush
MARSME ROAD CW1 500Snow clearing
MARSME MOWING4 000Mowing grass


Control systems

MARSME Semi-autonomous10 000  

Semi-autonomous control system 5G with an involved operator 30%


MARSME Autonomous15 000

Autonomous control system based on machine vision with an involved operator 10%



Jun 2019-November 2020

Conceptual schemes and documentation developed

November 2020-May 2021

Development of a ready-to-manufacture sample

May-July 2021

Testing and refinement of the prototype

July-December 2021
Preparation for production and certification

Preparation and start of production processes

January 2022
Production and start of sales

Start of production and start of sales of robotic platforms

Mars 500 - autonomous electric platform